1. Initially all people can see in help is - Login or if you are not registered - register on the system & complete your profile.
  2. Once someone has logged in or registered they see the appropriate help.
  3. For a carer:
    1. Enter the times you are available for work.
    2. You will receive an email with a link once a client requests you.
    3. Click on the link to confirm the appointment.
    4. When you arrive for a shift register that you have started work, clock in, if you are.
    5. When you leave clock out (if you leave after the rostered time the client will be asked to approve this).
  4. For a client:
    1. Select your case manager, this person can then see your account.
    2. Create a roster.
    3. You will receive a list of available carers.
    4. Choose a carer and request an appointment.
    5. If the carer accepts this you will get an email confirming that the carer will be arriving.
    6. At any time you can check what time your carer arrived and left work.
  5. For a case manager: you can view any client functions.
  6. For a Staff member:
    1. Perform any client functions.
    2. Create a link to Keypay.
  1. STA-Care v1 is published.

Coming soon.